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Gentle Carmel: Into the Black Dumb

Gentle Carmel is a graphic novel I wrote and illustrated, told from the perspective of an autistic artist who goes adventuring in Mexico. The world is warped into a variety of forms by the hero’s subjectivity. Its style pulls widely from popular culture and ranges from Japanese manga, to childlike marker drawings, to vector art. Published by CreateSpace in 2013, you can purchase the paperback or download a PDF of the book for free.

It was shown in two peer-reviewed exhibitions: the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, October 12-13, 2013 as well as the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, June 15-16, 2013. I was thrilled to show it at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo in 2013 as well. Here's an interview from that expo.

It's available in Chicago bookstores such as Quimby’s Bookstore, which writes, “Gentle Carmel is a WEIRD book... Magic marker slop art jungle gives way to a blue muppet-y vision of the self surrounded by color lava, digital tricks… Retina spillage and madman murmurrrrz.” Charlie Olsen from Inkwell Management writes, “Gentle Carmel is startlingly fresh. Brian’s artistic insights into Carmel’s life are fascinating and his artwork is both visually arresting and uninhibited."

Here's a Bleeding Cool News article about the book.
In July 2013 I was lauded in the Comics Reporter.

Total Eclipse Boiling Comics

Boiling Comics

Looping experimental comics that flicker and fluctuate.

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Grass Boiling ComicsVet Boiling Comicsuntitled Boiling ComicsSquirrel Boiling ComicsCards Boiling Comics

Urbz Graphics Logo

Urbz:Sims in the City - Graphics

Menu, in-game, and cut-scene graphics made at Maxis/Electronic Arts for The Urbz: Sims in the City.

click thumbnails for gallery: Jayde thumbnailJaydeDariusDariuslittle punk
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Hungry Signs

The typography and imagery of homeless signs are equally striking and heartbreaking. I'm collecting such signs for an exhibition.


Zoocentrix Exhibition
Mamma Nipples icon
Love Bytes Icons

Zoocentrix: Purrplex

In this art-business collaboration with Geoff Thomas we research and develop experimental media to improve and redefine the lives of pets and their owners. Some products I developed:

Mamma Bellybed: You don't want your little one to grow up do you? Well neither do they! Order Mamma Bellybed so baby can suckle, milk tread, and sleep all in one convenient location. This next-gen pet bed is designed according to feline ergonomics and is equipped with a built-in bottle that dispenses preemie, kitten, and adult formula via quality refill packs.
Love Bytes: Ever been at work and missed your pet? We all have. Order Love Bytes to call your pet at home, compliment them and give them treats! Your voice wave opens a mechanical mouth on the device which lavishes goodies on your little one. Just "dial, speak, and baby eats!"™

branding imagery

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Bunny the Humblebug Tako, the mentor in Kotodama: The Power of Words
Jimmy, the hero of Kotodama: The Power of Words Gleemu is his own terror
Kinku, a chihuahua in sheep's clothing Archer

Character Models

3D characters for videogames, augmented reality, and education software.

Tiger Bear Icon Fish Face Ufo Icon << this fishface guy has a goofy video, click him.
salmon icon for iphone game Mosey and Manita loving looking Ant  

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Advanced Materials Cover
Advanced Materials illustration of nanocob
Zephyr Thin
Hurricane Thin
Asteroids Thin
Junkyard Thin

Environments and Illustrations

3D environments and illustrations for journals, such as Advanced Materials. Most textures are procedurally generated rather than imported.

screenshot from The Room

Stardust Commotion

Collaborated with Geoff Thomas and Steve Hodges to
propose a Rhizome project that encourages body awareness and social interaction open-ended performances. Networked costume modules function as musical instruments. Performers gesture to generate and vary musical tones. Through improvised play, sensors, and network technologies, we invite freeform collaboration.